Super-charging mitochondria – a potential pathway to treat progressive MS

New research funded by the International Progressive MS Alliance looks at ways that nerve fibres protect themselves from damage.

Manipulating myelin

Australian researchers have found that the electrical activity of nerve cells in the brain plays an important role in the growth of myelin. This laboratory discovery may lead to new interventions to promote myelin repair in MS.

Antidepressant drug may treat Progressive MS

Screening of almost 250 medications has identified clomipramine as a possible treatment for progressive MS.

3D printing to help MS drug discovery

Scientists have used 3D printing to create a model that could be used to aid MS drug discovery.

Research Australia presents award to developer of world’s largest MS database

Helmut Butzkueven, who led the development of MSBase with support from MS Research Australia, has received the Data Innovation Award.

2017: a pivotal year for the MSIF movement

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the MS International Federation, giving us a valuable opportunity to celebrate shared successes and renew our commitment to work together to achieve a world without MS.

Study shows taking MS medications as directed is better for overall health

Canadian research reveals the positive effects of taking MS medications as prescribed on a person's general health

Discovering how immune cells get into the brain in MS

Study reveals important mechanism that allows immune cells to attack myelin in MS

Using Data to individualise patient treatments

Scientists have been using a large database to develop algorithms to predict individual responses to a particular therapy before starting it.

MS Research Australia receives top award at the Telstra NSW Business Awards

MS Research Australia is the first non-profit organisation to be awarded the highest Telstra award: Telstra NSW Business of the Year

Celebrating the role of new technologies in transforming the lives of people affected by MS

Matthew Miles, Chief Executive of MS Research Australia, shared insights on how technology is revolutionising research, treatment, diagnosis, and more