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Du Pré Grants

MSIF Du Pré Grants enable multiple sclerosis researchers and clinicians to undertake short placements in established MS research centres and clinics

2021 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grants, from Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia

Winner of the 2021 Young Investigator Award

Dr Giacomo Boffa receives the 2021 Young Investigator Award on his project on using aHSCT in individuals with secondary progressive MS

Professor Alan Thompson wins the prestigious MS Charcot Award

Professor Thompson wins the 2021 lifetime achievement award for outstanding research into the understanding and treatment of MS

2020 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2020 McDonald Fellowships and Du Pré Grants, from Iran, Zambia, Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina

Winner of the 2020 Young Investigator Award

Helen Onuorah receives the 2020 Young Investigator Award on her project "Racial inequalities in MS research participation"

New map changes understanding of immune cells in the brain

A new international study has mapped a type of immune cell, the microglia, in the human and mouse brain for the first time. Microglia are thought to play a role in the progression of MS. This research has changed the understanding of how these cells function, and has important implications for MS.

Early intensive treatment gives better outcomes

New study shows that early use of high efficacy treatment for MS improves long term disability outcomes, rather than starting on a moderately effective therapy and escalating to a stronger medication.

Food allergies may be linked to more MS relapses

In a recent study, scientists have shown that people with MS who have food allergies are more likely to experience clinical attacks and lesions in the brain than those without allergies or with other allergies that are unrelated to food.

Research Australia presents award to developer of world’s largest MS database

Helmut Butzkueven, who led the development of MSBase with support from MS Research Australia, has received the Data Innovation Award.

Study shows taking MS medications as directed is better for overall health

Canadian research reveals the positive effects of taking MS medications as prescribed on a person's general health

Discovering how immune cells get into the brain in MS

Study reveals important mechanism that allows immune cells to attack myelin in MS

MS Australia publishes first report on MS Specialist Nurses in Australia

A major investigation into the critical role of MS Specialist Nurses in Australia could support MS Australia’s advocacy work to increase funding for MSSNs

Art University redecorates facilities of Brazilian MS Association

Students and staff from "Universidade Futura do Pintor" renovated the facilities as part of a partnership between the two organisations

2017 McDonald Fellowship and Du Pré grant recipients announced

MSIF is proud to announce the recipients of the 2017 McDonald fellowships and Du Pre grants

A new potential biomarker for the diagnosis of MS

A new small study has discovered molecules in the blood that are specific to people with MS, and can distinguish between relapsing remitting and progressive MS.

MS Ireland shares results of first national survey into the needs of people with MS

“My MS, My Needs” survey results help MS Ireland to improve services and advance advocacy work for people with MS.

MS Australia’s Queensland bike ride raises over one million dollars for people living with MS

MS Queensland’s annual “Brissie to the Bay” bike ride a huge fundraising success for people living with MS

Wolfensohn Award 2017

Ms Kyoko Nakata from Japan wins the 2017 James D. Wolfensohn Award

Celebrating the role of new technologies in transforming the lives of people affected by MS

Matthew Miles, Chief Executive of MS Research Australia, shared insights on how technology is revolutionising research, treatment, diagnosis, and more

The world unites to Kiss Goodbye to MS

People around the world fundraise for Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign

German MS Society launches family planning telephone counselling service

“Planbaby bei MS” offers support and advice on starting a family to young adults with MS

Special visit marks launch of MSIF’s capacity building programme in Morocco

MS International Federation’s capacity-building manager, Abdelfatah Ibrahim, visits Morocco

Israel MS Society expands its support network

Greater support in Israel for people affected by MS

World MS Day is around the corner…

Sharing tips for #LifewithMS and events for World MS Day

Latest MS research highlighted at French conference

French MS organisation ARSEP celebrates 26th annual conference

MS Ireland takes action

MS Ireland launches two major new publications on early treatment and diagnosis of MS