Let’s talk about myelin

To stop MS, we need treatments that repair damage to the protective myelin coating around nerves.

Could the science behind a vaccine be used to treat MS?

Could a vaccine treat MS?

Super-charging mitochondria – a potential pathway to treat progressive MS

New research funded by the International Progressive MS Alliance looks at ways that nerve fibres protect themselves from damage.

Professor Catherine Lubetzki picks up the mantle for prestigious MS Charcot Award

She is the first woman to win the lifetime achievement award for outstanding research into the understanding and treatment of MS

‘Rings of fire’: blocking the death of brain cells in MS

A new study that suggests inflammation may lead to the death of brain cells in MS may have identified a drug that could block this process.

Experimental immunotherapy shows promising trial results

A new immunotherapy that re-educates the immune system has shown promising results in two early-stage clinical trials.

3D printing to help MS drug discovery

Scientists have used 3D printing to create a model that could be used to aid MS drug discovery.

Discovering how immune cells get into the brain in MS

Study reveals important mechanism that allows immune cells to attack myelin in MS

Anti-histamine trial shows myelin repair possible

Anti-histamine drug clemastine may boost myelin repair in MS

Latest MS research highlighted at French conference

French MS organisation ARSEP celebrates 26th annual conference

Regulatory T Cells promote remyelination

Researchers uncover a molecule that promotes regeneration of myelin