Professor Per Soelberg Sørensen wins prestigious Charcot award for research in multiple sclerosis

Prof. Sørensen, one of the world’s prominent clinical neurologists in multiple sclerosis, recognised for lifetime achievement in improving understanding and treatment of MS.

Alliance holds pivotal London meeting

A meeting of minds took place at the recent International Progressive MS Alliance event in London

Diagnosis: making it early and getting it right

Diagnosis of MS is getting faster and more efficient but new research suggests there are still ways to improve diagnosis

Do anti-inflammatory drugs delay disability in secondary progressive MS? 

A new study recently published uses ‘real-world’ data to investigate the effects of disease modifying therapies on secondary progressive MS

Can exercise reduce disease progression in MS?

Resistance exercise increases the thickness of the brain cortex in some people with MS

Alternative therapies: more evidence needed

A review shows complementary therapies are yet to be proven for MS

New award for global MS researchers

MSIF and the Dutch MS Research Foundation launch Global MS Research Booster Award for researchers studying the cause of MS

Celebrating the role of new technologies in transforming the lives of people affected by MS

Matthew Miles, Chief Executive of MS Research Australia, shared insights on how technology is revolutionising research, treatment, diagnosis, and more

Vacancy: Head of Research and Access

An exciting opportunity to lead the search for improved understanding and treatments for MS and better access to treatments and healthcare

Influence of ethnicity on disease progression

North African ethnicity is found to be a significant predictor of fast progression