Global MS research fellowships

A selection of fellowships and grants open to MS researchers around the world


The MS International Federation draws on the expertise of its members, people with MS and others

Du Pré Grant recipients

These researchers have received Du Pré Grants to enable them to work in established MS research centres outside their own country

Progressive MS research

The International Progressive MS Alliance works to speed up the development of treatment for progressive MS

Electric stimulation may help manage MS related fatigue

Researchers have been trialling low current electric brain stimulation as a way to help manage MS related fatigue.

Gut bacteria and MS

New evidence of potential role of gut bacteria in MS

What happened at ECTRIMS 2015?

Our highlights from the world’s largest scientific conference on multiple sclerosis

Kiss Goodbye to MS launches

The exciting new international fundraising campaign for MS has officially begun!

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) as a possible biomarker in MS

A recent study suggests OCT could be used as an indicator of neuronal damage in MS

Delaying the development of secondary progressive MS

Recovery from early relapses can potentially delay or prevent onset of progressive MS

The National MS Society joins forces with the MS Society of Bermuda

Working together to support healthcare professionals and people affected my MS in Bermuda

$28 million USD investment for new research

The National MS Society invests $28 million USD in new MS research projects

Vitamin D and neural stem cells

Study shows vitamin D affects central nervous system development and differentiation

Future MS treatments

Ethyl pyruvate and dimethyl fumarate both have a number of anti-inflammatory effects relevant to MS

Hematopoietic stem cell treatment in MS

Study shows improvement in neurological disability and other clinical outcomes

Changes in thalamus as a measure of progression in MS

Study supports a link between the development of grey matter disease and a progressive MS phenotype

MS in focus on ageing

The final issue of MS in focus in the current format is now available to download in Arabic, English, French and Spanish

Progressive MS and disease-modifying drugs

Patients with secondary progressive MS who have ongoing relapses may benefit from continuing immunomodulatory therapies after onset of progressive MS

The role deep grey matter in the brain plays in MS

Deep grey matter is profoundly involved in the disease progression of MS patients

The role of iron and brain damage in MS

The presence of iron could help us understand the MS inflammation process

Alliance announces first round of grants

The Progressive MS Alliance has awarded its first round of 22 research grants to investigators in nine countries

Progressive MS meeting in Milan

The first scientific meeting of the International Progressive MS Collaborative took place in Milan, Italy

Stephen Hauser wins Charcot Award

Professor Hauser was selected by a panel drawn from our International medical and scientific board

International Day for Persons with Disabilities

Monday 2 December was the International Day for Persons with Disabilities