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Protecting and advocating for the rights of people with MS is at the heart of our work

World MS Day

World MS Day is the global campaign to raise awareness of MS, led by MSIF and its members

Celebrating the Spanish language in the global MSIF movement

With over 500 million people across the world who speak Spanish there is an obvious need for access to MS information in Spanish.

The power of translation: making MS information accessible

Discover how MS organisations collaborate to translate vital MS information.

Celebrating World French Language Day

Showcasing MS resources ‘en français’ on World French Language Day

MSIF membership benefits

Members of the MS International Federation receive a wide range of benefits

The global MSIF movement gathers in Athens

People with MS, caregivers and MS organisations from across the world come together

The global movement came together and shone a spotlight on MS

Highlights from World MS Day 2019

World MS Day 2019 campaign announced: My Invisible MS

World MS Day 2019 will take place on 30 May. The theme is Visibility and the campaign is called My Invisible MS.

Signalling success: Swiss MS Society campaign wins innovation award

The ‘Innovation of the Year’ fundraising award was presented in recognition of the Swiss MS Society’s 2017 World MS Day event, ‘We send a signal’.

Research and relaxation: Russia’s World MS Day

The Russian MS Society embraced nature this World MS Day with a riverside seminar on MS treatment and an activity programme including fishing and horse-riding.

Uruguayan media shines a light on World MS Day

TV stations, radio stations and newspapers across Uruguay shone a light on the many World MS Day activities held in Uruguay this year, including the lighting up of Latin American landmarks in orange.

Bringing Us Closer: World MS Day 2018

World MS Day will take place on 30 May. The 2018 campaign is called Bringing Us Closer and the theme is Research.

Highlights from MSIF’s 2018 Global Networking Meetings, Amsterdam

Stichting MS Research welcomed the global MSIF movement in Amsterdam last month for the spring 2018 Global Networking meetings.

Czech MS organisation sets sail for World MS Day

The Czech MS organisation Union Roska will invite people affected by MS for a cruise along the river Vltava this World MS Day.

World MS Day 2018 toolkit and events map launched

Tools for the #bringinguscloser campaign for World MS Day 2018 are now available to download.

Join our team – Campaign Support Officer

We are looking for a strong communicator to support the World MS Day team at our friendly London office.

Singer with MS and young supporters of Japan MS Society perform at school concert

Singer Keiko joined young supporters of the Japan MS Society for a festive, awareness-raising event at an elementary school.

2017: a pivotal year for the MSIF movement

This year marked the 50th anniversary of the MS International Federation, giving us a valuable opportunity to celebrate shared successes and renew our commitment to work together to achieve a world without MS.

Singer with MS holds performance in Japanese school to raise awareness of MS

Keiko, a popular Japanese singer who lives with MS, performed songs to Japanese school pupils who took part in World MS Day 2017.

German MS Society (DMSG) launches new film project for TV and social media

New film project from the German MS Society (DMSG) featuring people with MS to air on German television

Highlights from World MS Day

A flavour of how global MS organisations marked World MS Day 2017

World MS Day is around the corner…

Sharing tips for #LifewithMS and events for World MS Day

World MS Day 2017

World MS Day 2017 takes place on 31st May and the theme is #LifewithMS

World MS Day 2014

The theme for World MS Day 2014 was access

World MS Day 2013

World MS Day 2012

World MS Day 2012 was based on three riddles about MS

World MS Day 2011

The theme of World MS Day 2011 was 'Work and MS', a continuation of the 2010 theme of ‘Employment’.

World MS Day 2010

The second World MS Day took place in 2010 with the theme 'Employment'

World MS Day 2009

Global economic impact of MS

MS is associated with high costs for MS patients, their families, and society as a whole

World MS Day makes an impact across the globe

From Canada to Pakistan people affected by MS raised their voices and raised awareness

World MS Day is coming

World MS Day takes places on 25 May 2016 with the tagline ‘MS doesn’t stop me…’

Take part in the global MS employment survey

If you have MS or care for someone who has MS, we need you!

MSIF staff celebrate World MS Day

Find out how staff from the MSIF office in London celebrated World MS Day

World MS Day launches on 15 April

People can share a thank-you message by email, by post or on social media

World MS Day 2015

27 May is World MS Day - the only global awareness raising campaign for MS

World MS Day across the globe

Highlights from some of the events that took place around the world

World MS Day website goes live

You can access the site in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Six months to World MS Day

The theme for 2015 will be access, and the campaign will celebrate breaking down barriers to living with MS