The global MSIF movement gathers in Athens

People with MS, caregivers and MS organisations from across the world come together

The global movement came together and shone a spotlight on MS

Highlights from World MS Day 2019

Our progress – together we’re stronger than MS

Driving global change - progress made by the global MSIF movement

World MS Day 2019 campaign announced: My Invisible MS

World MS Day 2019 will take place on 30 May. The theme is Visibility and the campaign is called My Invisible MS.

Signalling success: Swiss MS Society campaign wins innovation award

The ‘Innovation of the Year’ fundraising award was presented in recognition of the Swiss MS Society’s 2017 World MS Day event, ‘We send a signal’.

Research and relaxation: Russia’s World MS Day

The Russian MS Society embraced nature this World MS Day with a riverside seminar on MS treatment and an activity programme including fishing and horse-riding.

Uruguayan media shines a light on World MS Day

TV stations, radio stations and newspapers across Uruguay shone a light on the many World MS Day activities held in Uruguay this year, including the lighting up of Latin American landmarks in orange.

Bringing Us Closer: World MS Day 2018

World MS Day will take place on 30 May. The 2018 campaign is called Bringing Us Closer and the theme is Research.

Highlights from MSIF’s 2018 Global Networking Meetings, Amsterdam

Stichting MS Research welcomed the global MSIF movement in Amsterdam last month for the spring 2018 Global Networking meetings.

Czech MS organisation sets sail for World MS Day

The Czech MS organisation Union Roska will invite people affected by MS for a cruise along the river Vltava this World MS Day.