As World MS day approached, the interactive map on the campaign website continued to fill up with events being planned to mark the day. More than 180 MS organisations, patients’ groups and individuals shared details of over 275 events taking place around the world.

These events include a huge range of activities from Multiple Sclerosis Society Ireland‘s early morning silent disco, to Multiple Sclerosis South Africa‘s skydive, Esclerosis Múltiple México‘s national conference in Mexico, MS Care Egypt‘s running event in Cairo and even Niagara Falls being lit up red!

We’ve gathered together some photos to share just some of the events which have already taken place, but there are still more to come over the next few days. It’s not over yet!

World MS Day in Mexico

World MS Day in Japan

World MS Day in Iran

World MS Day in Greece

World MS Day is celebrated in China

World MS Day in Australia

World MS Day in India

World MS Day in Iraq

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