Below are a list of free resources covering topics relevant to people affected by MS, as well as some resources and tools which you can use to help improve the quality of life of people affected by MS in your country.

In order to open these you will need Acrobat Reader.

Low self-esteem and MS

Having MS can affect self-esteem. There may be times when it’s difficult to everything a person is used to doing, or they may have to do them differently. Focusing too much on these aspects can feel overwhelming. This 1 minute animated infographic gives some confidence boosters and tips for managing low self-esteem and MS. Thanks to the UK MS Society for providing the text for this infographic.

Low self-esteem and MS (English)

Baja autoestima y EM (Spanish)

Autoestima e Esclerose Multipla (Portuguese)

التصلب المتعدد وتقديرك لنفسك (Arabic)

Psychologiczne aspekty SM – samoocena (Polish)

MS en een laag zelfbeeld (Dutch)

Sclérose en plaques et estime de soi (French)

טרשת נפוצה והערכה עצמית נמוכה (Hebrew)

Рассеянный склероз и низкая самооценка (Russian)

MS and low self-esteem (Indonesian)

एमएस और आत्मसम्मान का अभाव (Hindi)

ఎం స్ మరియు ఆత్మసమ్మానం లోపించుట (Telugu)

ایم ایس اور احساسِ کمتری (Urdu)

ਐਮ ਐਸ ਤੇ ਘੱਟ ਸਵੈ ਮਾਣ  (Punjabi)

এম এস আর আত্মসম্মান । (Bengali)



Sex life and MS

Sex and intimacy can be challenging topics to talk about, even though they’re common for people with and without MS. We’ve launched an animation looking at some of the different ways that MS can affect intimacy and sexuality. Everyone’s experience of MS is unique though, so not everyone will necessarily experience all or any of the issues raised in the animation.

The animation, ‘Sex life and MS’, was originally created by our member, Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (Italy). We collaborated with MSIF members in Australia, Denmark, Italy, India, Lebanon, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom to adapt and translate the video so it can be shared with people affected by MS around the world. Find out more about MS, relationships and intimacy.

Sex life and MS (English)

Sclerosi multipla e disturbi sessuali (Italian)

La vida sexual y la esclerosis múltiple (Spanish)

الحياة الجنسية والتصلب المتعدد (Arabic)

Sexuální život a roztroušená skleróza (Czech)

Życie seksualne i SM (Polish)

La vie sexuelle et la sclérose en plaques (French)

Vida sexuale e esclerose multipla múltipla (Portuguese)

Seksuaalisuus ja MS-tauti (Finland)

Seven principles to improve quality of life with MS

In 2005, we published a set of principles – a kind of “gold standard” –  setting out what any person with MS should expect in order for them to have a good quality of life. In 2016, we reviewed the principles and carried out an extensive consultation with people from over 30 countries, learning more about what influences quality of life for people with MS, their caregivers, family members and friends closest to them. From this consultation, we have produced a refreshed set of principles identifying the main areas in which every bit of progress can make a real difference to individuals.

Seven principles to improve quality of life with MS

Siete principios para mejorar la calidad de vida con EM

سبعة مبادئ لتحسين نوعية الحياة مع التصلب العصبي المتعدد

Sette principi per migliorare la qualità della vita con SM

Επτά αρχές για τη βελτίωση της ποιότητας της ζωής με Πολλαπλή Σκλήρυνση

Siedem zasad prowadzących do poprawy jakości życia osób z SM



Childhood MS: a guide for parents

MS is usually thought of as an adult condition, but children and teenagers can also develop it. If your child has been diagnosed with MS, or MS has been suggested as a possible cause for your child’s symptoms, you may  have lots of questions. This free downloadable resource is intended to provide answers to some of these questions. You can find a wide selection of resources for children, in a variety of languages, on the Childhood MS page.

On the cover of a guidebook, a young boy rests his chin on his hand and looks deep in thoughtChildhood MS: a guide for parents [PDF, 1.5MB]

La EM en la infancia: Guía para los padres [PDF, 1.5MB]

التصلب العصبي المتعدد في مرحلة الطفولة: دليل الآباء [PDF, 1.5MB]

Dziecięce SM: Poradnik dla rodziców [PDF, 1.9MB]

MS bij kinderen: Een gids voor ouders [PDF, 1.6MB]

Ghid pentru parinti SM la copii

MS hos barn og unge under 18 år

Pediatric MS and other demyelinating disorders in childhood: Current understanding, diagnosis and management

The International Pediatric MS Study Group have written a series of articles, highlighting the advances, unanswered questions and new challenges in understanding, diagnosis and management. These articles have been published in a Neurology journal supplement, which you can access for free here:

We have produced a short publication which summarises the key points from each of these articles, with links to the full articles. This publication is aimed at people with some prior knowledge of MS in children, but is written in plain, accessible language.

Pediatric MS and other demyelinating disorders in childhood - Cover

Dziecięce SM i inne choroby demielinizacyjne wieku dziecięcego: Współczesne rozumienie choroby, diagnoza i postępowanie


Atlas of MS

The Atlas of MS is the most extensive worldwide study of the epidemiology of MS and the global availability and accessibility of resources for people with MS. You can search the data by visiting the Atlas of MS page.

Atlas of MS 2013 – English [PDF, 3MB]

Atlas of MS 2013 – Chinese [PDF, 6MB]

Atlas of MS 2013 – Dutch [PDF, 2MB]

Atlas of MS 2013 – Hungarian [PDF, 3MB]

Atlas of MS 2013 – Português [PDF, 3MB]



Global MS Employment Report

This report offers evidence for advocating to ensure that people with MS are treated fairly and lawfully at work. We hope that this report will help people affected by MS and MS organisations to raise awareness of employment issues, and to advocate to governments and employers to speed up positive change in workplaces around the world.

Global MS Employment Report 2016

Global MS Employment Report – English [PDF, 854KB]

Global MS Employment Report Summary – باللغة العربية [PDF, 251KB]

Global MS Employment Report Summary – Français [PDF, 236KB]

Global MS Employment Report Summary – Português [PDF, 229KB]

Global MS Employment Report Summary – Español [PDF, 229KB]




Global Economic Impact of MS

To help raise awareness of the high global costs of MS, this literature review provides international data that are useful for estimating the costs and quality of life impacts of MS at the national level.

Global economic impact of MSGlobal Economic Impact of MS – English [PDF, 918KB]

Global Economic Impact of MS: executive summary – English [PDF, 93KB]





MS in focus

MS in focus was our binannual magazine, published between 2003 and 2014. Each edition looked in detail at a specific topic related to MS, including symptoms, research and day-to-day living with MS.

Ageing with MS (published 2015)

MS-in-focus-25-Ageing-with-MSAgeing – باللغة العربية [PDF, 3MB]

Ageing – English [PDF, 3MB]

Ageing – Français [PDF, 934KB]

Ageing – Español [PDF, 920KB]





Bladder and bowel (published 2014)


Bladder and bowel – باللغة العربية [PDF, 1MB]

Bladder and bowel – English [PDF, 3MB]

Bladder and bowel – Français [PDF, 3MB]

Bladder and bowel – Deutsch [PDF, 3MB]

Bladder and bowel – Italiano [PDF, 2 MB]



Information and technology (published 2014)

Information and technologyInformation and technology – English [PDF, 2MB]

Information and technology – Français [PDF, 3MB]

Information and technology – Italiano [PDF, 2MB]





MS and cognition (published 2013)

MS-in-focus-22-Cognition-EnglishCognition – باللغة العربية [PDF, 1MB]

Cognition – English [PDF, 2MB]

Cognition – Français [PDF, 2MB]

Cognition – Deutsch [PDF, 2MB]

Cognition – Español [PDF, 2MB]



Young people (published 2013)

MS-in-focus-21-Young-people-EnglishYoung people – باللغة العربية [PDF, 950KB]

Young people – Chinese [PDF, 2MB]

Young people – English [PDF, 2MB]

Young people – Français [PDF, 2MB]

Young people – Deutsch [PDF, 2MB]

Young people – Español [PDF, 2MB]


Is it MS? (published 2012)

MS-in-focus-20-Is-it-MS-EnglishIs it MS? – باللغة العربية [PDF, 1MB]

Is it MS? – English [PDF, 2MB]

Is it MS? – Chinese [PDF, 3MB]

Is it MS? – Français [PDF, 2MB]




Fatigue (published 2012)

MS-in-focus-19-Fatigue-EnglishFatigue – باللغة العربية [PDF, 2 MB]

Fatigue – Chinese [PDF, 2MB]

Fatigue – English [PDF, 1MB]

Fatigue – Farsi [PDF, 2 MB]

Fatigue – Deutsch [PDF, 2MB]

Fatigue – Italiano [PDF, 1MB]

Fatigue – Español [PDF, 2MB]

Pharmacological treatments (published 2011)

MS-in-focus-18-Pharmacological-treatments-EnglishPharmacological treatments – Dutch [PDF, 626KB]

Pharmacological treatments – English [PDF, 2MB]

Pharmacological treatments – Français [PDF, 640KB]

Pharmacological treatments – Italiano [PDF, 757KB]

Pharmacological treatments – Español [PDF, 2MB]



Research (published 2011)

MS-in-focus-17-Research-EnglishResearch – English [PDF, 1MB]

Research – Deutsch [PDF, 1MB]

Research – Italiano [PDF, 693KB]





Employment (published 2010)

Pages from MS-in-focus-16-Employment-EnglishEmployment – English [PDF, 2MB]

Employment – Français [PDF, 1MB]

Employment – Deutsch [PDF, 1MB]

Employment – Español [PDF, 2MB]




Complementary and alternative therapies (published 2010)

MS-in-focus-15-Complementary-and-alternative-therapies-EnglishComplementary and alternative therapies – English [PDF, 1MB]

Complementary and alternative therapies – Français [PDF, 2MB]

Complementary and alternative therapies – Deutsch [PDF, 2MB]

Complementary and alternative therapies – Español [PDF, 821 KB]




Disease courses (published 2009)

Disease coursesDisease courses – Chinese [PDF, 3MB]

Disease courses – Dutch [PDF, 1MB]

Disease courses – English [PDF, 2MB]

Disease courses – Français [PDF, 2MB]

Disease courses – Deutsch [PDF, 2MB]

Disease courses – Italiano [PDF, 1MB]

Disease courses – Español [PDF. 2MB]

Tremor and ataxia (published 2009)

MS-in-focus-13-Tremor-and-ataxia-EnglishTremor and ataxia – Dutch [PDF, 1MB]

Tremor and ataxia – English [PDF, 1MB]

Tremor and ataxia – Deutsch [PDF, 725KB]

Tremor and ataxia – Español [PDF, 2MB]




Spasticity (published 2008)

SpasticitySpasticity – Dutch [PDF, 1MB]

Spasticity – English [PDF, 2MB]

Spasticity – Deutsch [PDF, 2MB]





Stem cells and remyelination (published 2008)

Stem cells and remyelinationStem cells and remyelination – Dutch [PDF, 1MB]

Stem cells and remylenation – English [PDF, 884KB]

Stem cells and remyelination – Deutsch [PDF, 491KB]





Pain (published 2007)

MS-in-focus-10-Pain-EnglishPain – English [PDF, 759KB]

Pain – Deutsch [PDF, 1MB]

Pain – Español [PDF, 1MB]





Caregiving (published 2007)

MS-in-focus-9-Caregiving-EnglishCaregiving – English [PDF, 930KB]

Caregiving – Español [PDF, 1MB]






Genetics (published 2006)

MS-in-focus-8-Genetics-EnglishGenetics – English [PDF, 713KB]

Genetics – Deutsch [PDF, 660KB]

Genetics – Español [PDF, 620KB]





Rehabilitation (published 2006)

MS-in-focus-7-Rehabilitation-EnglishRehabilitation – English [PDF, 1MB]

Rehabilitation – Deutsch [PDF, 461KB]

Rehabilitation – Italiano [PDF, 4MB]

Rehabilitation – Español [PDF, 453KB]




Intimacy and sexuality (published 2005)

MS-in-focus-6-Intimacy-and-sexuality-EnglishIntimacy and sexuality – English [PDF, 847KB]

Intimacy and sexuality – Deutsch [PDF, 770KB]

Intimacy and sexuality – Italiano [PDF, 360KB]

Intimacy and sexuality – Español [PDF, 728KB]




Healthy Living (published 2005)

MS-in-focus-5-Healthy-living-EnglishHealthy living – English [PDF, 362KB]

Healthy living – Deutsch [PDF, 1MB]

Healthy living – Italiano [PDF, 2MB]

Healthy living – Español [PDF, 375KB]




Emotions and cognition (published 2004)

MS-in-focus-4-Emotions-and-cognition-EnglishEmotions and cognition – English [PDF, 800KB]

Emotions and cognition – Deutsch [PDF, 776KB]

Emotions and cognition – Italiano [PDF, 915KB]

Emotions and cognition – Español [PDF, 740KB]




Family (published 2004)

MS-in-focus-3-Family-EnglishFamily – Chinese [PDF, 2MB]

Family – English [PDF, 362KB]

Family – Deutsch [PDF, 369KB]

Family – Italiano [PDF, 840KB]

Family – Español [PDF, 364KB]