The Israeli MS Society organises annual summer camps for people aged 6 to 18 who have a parent with MS.

Every year 150-170 children participate in summer camps held in northern and southern Israel. The Israeli MS Society has been running the camps for the last 19 years. They believe their duty of care extends to the whole family, not just the person with the diagnosis.

Campers enjoy a variety of fun experiences including: boating, climbing, and workshops in dance, music, art, and writing. They also participate in workshops with social workers to help them cope with the difficulties of growing up with a parent who has a chronic illness, as well as the various feelings of loneliness and pressure that young people may experience.
Summer can be an especially difficult time for people with MS, so it’s a good time for the society to help give parents with MS a rest, whilst providing support for their children.

The camp demographics reflect the multifaceted nature of Israeli society. The children establish strong friendships lasting beyond the summer camp, and they continue to meet throughout the school year. These encounters and the shared experience of having a parent with MS helps to break down barriers of ethnicity, religion, nationality, language and status.

Graduates of the camps also serve as ambassadors of the Israeli MS Society. The children create their own additional support networks, which are extremely important since most of them will help and support their parents throughout their lives.

Visit the Israeli MS Society Website for more information.

a large group of young people post for a photo, they are in a desert and many of them are covered in mud
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