According to the Atlas of MS, more than 2.3 million people worldwide currently live with MS. Of these, more than one million people live with a progressive form. Progressive MS is a type of MS that gets worse over time, affecting areas such as vision, mobility, cognition, ability to work, and independence.

The International Progressive MS Alliance is a global collaboration of MSIF and many of our members, as well as trusts and foundations, who have come together to tackle progressive MS. The aim of the Alliance is to seed up the development of treatment for progressive MS by removing scientific and technology barriers.

Last year, the Alliance put out a call for people affected by MS to join its Scientific Steering Committee, to guide its scientific direction and research activities. Caroline Sincock was one of three people affected by MS who was selected (we received 234 applications from 23 countries around the world!)

Caroline lives in Glasgow and is a member of the UK MS Society’s Research Network. She has secondary progressive MS. In this new video she talks about her experience of living with secondary progressive MS and how the Progressive MS Alliance brings hope for people with primary or secondary progressive MS.

Visit the International Progressive MS Alliance website.

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