A young woman with blonde hair stands with two men presenting copies of a new MS research publication.

Left to right: Harriet Doig, MS Ireland; Professor Tim Lynch, Consultant Neurologist; Fred Doherty, Sanofi Genzyme

Two women are holding copies of two new MS Ireland research publications.

Left to right: Willeke van Eeckhoutte, MS Advocate; Harriet Doig, MS Ireland

Our colleagues at MS Ireland have made the case for early diagnosis and treatment in MS with two major new publications, “Time to Act – a consensus on early treatment” and “MS Treatment Decisions”.

“Time to Act – a consensus on early treatment”

Based on a 2015 paper from the UK MS Society, “Time to Act” outlines and reviews the latest evidence on the importance of starting treatment with a disease modifying therapy as soon as possible after diagnosis.

Developed in consultation with Irish neurologists, the publication contains detailed recommendations for policy makers and clinicians. MS Ireland is confident it will be a valuable advocacy tool for increasing investment in Ireland’s neurology services and access to treatment.

“MS Treatment Decisions”

“MS Treatment Decisions” aims to empower and equip people with MS or suspected MS to understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment and communicate their needs to healthcare professionals.

Developed in consultation with neurologists, nurses, and people with MS, this paper encourages people with MS or suspected MS to question their professionals until they feel confident enough to make informed decisions about their treatment, and to recognise the importance of monitoring their condition through regular MRI scans and keeping a record of their symptoms.

Take a look at “Time to Act” and “MS Treatment Decisions”.