The Israel MS Society is marking its 40th anniversary and MSIF’s 50th anniversary by offering an uplifting song and music video as a gift to MS societies around the world. MS organisations will be able to use the song for free as an awareness-raising and fundraising tool by receiving royalties from the track. Information about how to receive royalties is available from the Israel MS Society.

For this unique project, the organisation teamed up with the popular Israeli band MIRAGE!, winners of the Israeli X-Factor, to produce the song “I am perfect just the way I am”. The song’s message advances the vision of a world free from prejudice and oppression on the basis of mental or physical disability, religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender identity, or any other form of discrimination. This universal, positive message, which celebrates the inner beauty of every individual, is designed to reach out to people affected by MS around the world as well as the general public.

Having met with many bands and performers, the Society chose to work with MIRAGE! because they felt a strong bond with the band’s members and felt that the talented musicians fully understood the message that the video needed to convey.

After the song was well-received on several radio stations, the Society decided to find a director and choreographer to produce a music video for the song. The whole process took two years, and was designed to be completed in time for the MS International Federation’s 50th anniversary.

The video features people with MS and their families, as well as national celebrities and prominent figures.

Janine Vosburgh is director of services to patients and family members in the Society, and was the driving force behind the project. She comments:

“We chose to direct our gaze to people being marginalised; people who are looked down upon and referred to as ‘unfit’ or ‘disabled’, or ostracized and left behind.”

For information on how to receive royalties from the song and music video, please contact the Israel MS Society.


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