The Brazilian MS Association (ABEM) has shared highlights from several recent events designed to empower people living with MS and improve quality of life with MS.

In March, ABEM organised a cruise for people living with MS. The aim of the trip was to provide people with MS with an exciting, liberating new experience, as well as giving them a greater feeling of autonomy and freedom in their daily lives. The group set sail from Santos, on the coast of Sao Paulo, then passed through the cities of Búzios, Salvador, Ilhéus, Ilha Grande before returning to Santos.

Magali Torrado, a representative of ABEM, said, ‘Everyone described the trip as amazing, enjoyable and special. People felt very at ease and happy on this trip. They have also shown an interest in attending more events like this, since it provides an opportunity to enjoy new experiences.’


Back at ABEM headquarters, the organisation also organised an informative Q&A session about MS. The session was led by specialist neurologist and MS researcher Dr Guilherme Sciascia do Olival, who was accompanied by other members of his team. During the interactive event, participants had the opportunity to ask the professionals a range of questions about MS and hear news and updates about MS research.
Magali Torrado said, ‘We’d like to give a huge thanks to Dr Guilherme Sciascia do Olival and his team of professionals for sharing their important knowledge with participants.’


Finally, ABEM recently held a musical event at ABEM headquarters: a performance titled ‘Under the Look of the Stars’. The production was organised and created by people with MS, with support from ABEM employees. The performance was designed to show the everyday, human realities of life with MS and put forward suggestions for ways to improve quality of life with MS.

‘The group ensured that everything went according to plan, from the rehearsals to the creation of the stage and the final performance’, said Magali Torrado. The commitment and dedication of everyone involved could be seen in every detail of the spectacle!’