In August 2018 Robert aka “Geary” started a brave mission to run the world’s original marathon, raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and recruit a team of friends to do the same.

His mission spans 3 countries including Australia, UK and Greece, all in honour of, Julie, the mother of Geary’s girlfriend. Living in Australia, Julie was recently diagnosed with MS and this diagnosis inspired our UK runners to take up their Greek challenge. Nothing captures the work and values of MSIF more that this event and we wanted to share their story of a global marathon movement:

“Earlier this year my girlfriend Ashleigh’s mum aka Julie “Mama” Meale was diagnosed with the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis. Since then Julie has faced her up and downs but continues to “crack on” with a smile on her face. She has been as strong as an ox in never complaining or letting the illness get her down, all this despite going through some very difficult times.

She is an inspiration to all of her family, and to show her our full support, me and my good friends Ben Lewis, Neil Bayton & Tom Fuller will be running the Athens Marathon 2018 in order to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the MS International Foundation. This amazing organisation helps fund global research and offers support to those either directly or indirectly affected.”

The Athens marathon takes place Sunday 11th November 2018. The run is like no other on Earth. According to legend, it covers the same ground that the Athenian messenger Philippides ran when he brought news of victory from the battlefield of Marathon 2,500 years ago. The finish line is in Athens’ magnificent Olympic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

“The event itself is the original route which founded all other marathon routes that have followed. Our aim is to train hard, smash the course … and avoid the fate of the legendary Philippides (for those non-historians among you, feel free to Google the story)”

Please join us in supporting this great challenge by sponsoring Geary, Ben, Neil and Tom in the Athens marathon:

Geary trains for his global marathon movement