‘Tawasol’ (which translates to ‘communicate’) is our newsletter for MS organisations in the Arab region. Each issue features news from MS organisations, as well as a profile of a person who is involved with the MS movement.

You can download a PDF version in Arabic here: Tawasol March 2022

The March 2022 issue of Tawasol includes news shared by 13 organisations in 7 countries (Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Tunisia). This issue focused on access to treatment, successes and challenges. We asked all organisations to share the key challenges in their countries related to access to treatment. Most organisations included that the main challenge was the lack of essential medicines while others said that the prices were the main challenge. 

Below is a summary of the activities of each organisation.

The administrative board of the Multiple Sclerosis Patients Association / Aden held its monthly periodic meetings, summarised the organisation’s activity, and conducted monthly seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Al-Haya organisation started a campaign to help secure secondary drugs prescribed during relapses for people with MS. The campaign began by contacting the Ministry of Health to help secure this medication.

Sponsored by a group of health care workers and in cooperation with ALSEP, a pharmaceutical company provided medicines for people with MS in Tripoli, North Lebanon. The goal was to collect donations to buy needy families’ treatments and secure physical therapy sessions.

MS Care carried out a series of educational activities for continuous communication with people with MS, their families, and those interested in raising awareness and publicising the disease.

The Yemeni Society for the Care of Multiple Sclerosis Patients is still struggling and facing difficulties and obstacles to achieve its activities and goals, the most important of which is obtaining medicines for patients and providing the necessary care.

Tunisian Multiple Sclerosis Association participated in a virtual training “Think Global, Act Local”, which aims to prepare an approach for the future of MS health care to connect with people with MS.

Al-Hana organisation concluded new agreements with several specialisations and purchased medicines and medical tools to help people with MS and facilitate access to treatment.

Saed Society coordinated with King Saud Medical City to set up a “Society is Sclerosis-Friendly” campaign. The event aimed to raise awareness and educate the community about MS and introduce the organisation to support people with MS and attract new members, donors and supporters.

FMUASEP coordinated its activities with Moroccan associations in different regions related to statistical research for people with MS. 

In cooperation with its friends in Australia, ALiSEP conducted a fundraising campaign from the Lebanese community there. In addition, the organisation signed a cooperation agreement with French students who volunteered to participate in the Marathon “Run for ALiSEP”.

Arfa obtained membership in the Shifa platform to support non-Saudis in therapeutic drugs. The organisation also participated in the Tahseen programme to provide support, physical therapy sessions, and medical insurance for people with MS.

Wassem served 74 beneficiaries and provided therapeutic sessions, psychological support and a group therapy session. Furthermore, it concluded a community partnership with one of the physical medicines and rehabilitation centres.

Azm launched an introductory corner on MS at the headquarters of the University of Hail, which aimed to introduce and educate students about MS and introduce the programmes and services provided by the organisation.