Accessible holidays

Examples of accessible resorts and services shared by our members

Relevant publications

Publications from MSIF and other stakeholders in support of work on access to MS healthcare.

Off-label treatments for MS

MSIF's work relating to off-label DMTs for MS

Essential medicines for MS

Advocating for the addition of MS treatments to the WHO Essential Medicines List

Improving access to MS treatment and healthcare

Addressing barriers to accessing treatment at a global, regional and national level

Patent status of MS disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) around the world

Collaborating with the Medicines Patent Pool as MSIF continues work on improving access to MS treatments

Prevalence and severity of MS across the world – can new research explain the patterns?

Studies provide insight into the links between MS prevalence, severity, latitude and healthcare spending

10-year Intersectoral global plan approved to improve care for people affected by neurological conditions

MSIF supports the adoption of the WHO's intersectoral global action plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders, including MS

Equal access to care for people living with neurological disorders globally

This was written by Joanna Laurson-Doube for OneNeurology on World Brain Day.

The next steps for improving access to MS treatments around the world

MSIF’s international working group on access comes together to advance the global agenda on access to treatments

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Convention was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2006

The campaign for rituximab in Iraq

Al-Hayat Association in Iraq has successfully lobbied the Ministry of Health to provide better access to the MS treatment, rituximab. The campaign is part of the organisation’s aim to secure a range of treatments for people with MS in Iraq. Learn more about their campaign success.

The global MSIF movement gathers in Athens

People with MS, caregivers and MS organisations from across the world come together

MSIF visits MS organisations in Taiwan and South Korea

In August Sarah Dobson, MSIF’s Senior Communications and Campaigns Officer, met with local MS organisations in Taiwan and South Korea.

Make them listen: The four-year fight for access in Chile

The Corporación Esclerosis Múltiple Chile shares the secrets of their success in improving access to treatment.

Call for consultants: Advocacy – access to treatments in India

Employment and MS

Global MS employment report shows many people with MS are leaving employment earlier than necessary

World MS Day 2014

The theme for World MS Day 2014 was access

Inclusive bathing beach in Russia

People with MS test out new accessible facilities