Desafíos a los que se enfrentan las investigaciones en EM

Thousands of scientists are undertaking research into all aspects of MS, furthering our understanding of the disease and how to prevent, treat and manage it.

Consejos de Esclerosis Múltiple España (EME) para mejorar la calidad de vida

Multiple Sclerosis Spain has launched a new illustration with tips to help improve quality of life for those with MS.

El cansancio se asocia con unos peores resultados de la EM

New evidence suggests that fatigue is linked with higher levels of disability, greater levels of depression and anxiety, and poorer cognitive function and sleep in people with MS

Siete principios para mejorar la calidad de vida

Seven principles for quality of life based on the insights and experience of people affected by MS

MSIF visita las organizaciones de EM de Taiwán y Corea del Sur

In August Sarah Dobson, MSIF’s Senior Communications and Campaigns Officer, met with local MS organisations in Taiwan and South Korea.

Un estudio demuestra una mejora en los resultados de la situación laboral con EM

New research, involving 874 people who had used disease-modifying therapies during the previous 5 years, has shown a link between more effective disease-modifying therapies and an increased level of employment, work attendance and productivity at work.

El daño cerebral en la EM predice la situación laboral a largo plazo

A new study has found a link found between brain imaging markers and long-term employment status.

La Asociación de Esclerosis Múltiple de Chipre traduce los principios de Calidad de Vida al griego

MSIF’s ‘Seven principles to improve quality of life with MS’, already available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Italian, have now been translated into Greek.

Tawasol – Dec 2017 issue

Latest news from 17 organisations in the Arab region

Miembros de la Federación Internacional de la EM se reúnen en Londres para celebrar el 50 aniversario del movimiento global de la MSIF.

More than 100 staff, volunteers, and people with and affected by MS from 39 countries gathered in London in September for the MSIF Movement’s 50th Anniversary meetings.

Lanzamiento de la campaña del Día Mundial de la EM

World MS Day 2017 takes place on 31st May and the theme is #LifewithMS

La Federación Internacional de Esclerosis Múltiple actualiza los Principios de la calidad de vida

Collaborative work has begun to update the ‘gold standard’ for quality of life