In the 17th issue of Tawasol (December 2016) 11 organisations shared their news. These organisations are based in nine countries across Arab region (Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, Tunisia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt). In addition, we also had a contribution from the newly established Maghrib MS Union, representing six organisations from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

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Summary of highlights from this issue (in English)

  • The Maghrib MS Union has been established by six organisations from four Arab countries: Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.
  • Friends of MS at AUBMC  in Lebanon organised an advance screening of “Film Amerky Tawil” by Ziad El Rahbani at Beirut Souks Cinema City. They raised awareness of MS by broadcasting a short video about MS before the film started. Around 400 people attended the event.
  • Al Hayah MS Society in Iraq organised a group psychological support session for people with MS and their relatives, led by a specialised psychologist.
  • The MS Society in Jordan took part in the ‘Protecting Patients Coalition’ under the auspice of the Minister of Health, where the ‘National Convention of Protecting the Patients’ was launched.
  • Representatives from the Moroccan MS Association took part in a workshop in Morocco, where patient organisations from around the world specialising in chronic diseases met to share experiences.
  • Board members of the Tunisian MS Association visited an official in the Ministry of Social Affairs to discuss the possibility of supporting people with MS and addressing the social and health coverage problems.
  • The Bahraini MS Society organised an educational lecture on issues of intimacy and sex in MS and how to deal with them.
  • The Arfa MS Society in Saudi Arabia participated in various programmes and events such as the World Disability Day in the Prince Sultan Bin Abdelaziz Centre for Science and Technology and a similar event at the Rachid Complex in Khobar city.
  • The Sazgar MS Organisation participated in the Erbil International Marathon to raise awareness of MS.
  • The MS Society in Aden, Yemen carried out awareness raising activities in the streets.
  • A team of runners represented The Society of Lebanese Friends of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (ALSEP) at the Beirut International Marathon to raise awareness of MS.
  • MS Care in Egypt launched an online Q&A discussion on its Facebook group where members can talk directly with neurologists, which has saved time and cost for people with MS.
  • Gemma Bastin, Head of  Communications at MSIF, gave top tips for MS organisations on how to achieve more through communications using less resources.

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