It was a rare opportunity to have the leaders of the International Progressive MS Alliance, including the Executive Committee, Scientific Steering Committee, Industry Forum members and people affected by progressive MS, together in one (large) room to determine the ongoing strategy of the global Alliance.

Three scientific priorities were identified as the major themes that the Alliance will concentrate on in their research strategy;

  1. Better understand progression
  2. Develop more responsive outcome measures and shorter, faster clinical trial designs
  3. Enhance well-being through rehabilitation and symptom management

A significant amount of preparation work took place prior to the meeting via teleconferences with all key individuals, representing more than 12 countries. This pre-planning gave ample opportunity for an active and very productive debate In London to arrive at the detailed strategies to address these three themes which will set the foundation for positive outcomes for people with progressive MS.

The meeting was buoyed by the recent success of having the world’s first therapy for primary progressive MS approved in Australia and the US, and now also in Canada. The Alliance is extremely well placed to build on this success and make a real and impactful difference to people all over the world with the progressive disease.

Following on from the meeting, the global working groups will continue to work even closer together in an iterative way to finalise the detailed strategic plan to find the answers to these three core challenges of progressive MS research. Make no mistake, these are some of the most complex scientific questions in one of the world’s most complex diseases. Collaboration with the best in the world is the only way to really answer them – thereby making tangible differences to people’s lives.

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