MS in focus magazine was launched in 2003 and, until July 2014, was published twice a year. It was printed and posted to thousands of subscribers around the world.

Each edition looked in detail at a specific topic related to MS, including symptoms, research and day-to-day living with MS.

The January 2015 issue of the magazine, which is about ageing with MS, is the last in the current format. Printed copies of this edition are available only by request. If you would like one, please contact us.

Later in 2015, MS in focus will reappear in a new online format. It will be published four times a year, rather than twice. Available in Arabic, English and Spanish, it will remain free to users.

MS in focus is overseen by an international, cross-cultural editorial board.

        # 25 Ageing with MS

        #24 Bladder and bowel, 2014

#14. Disease courses, 2009

#13. Tremor and ataxia, 2009