MS in focus magazine was launched in 2003 and, until January 2015, was published twice a year. It was printed and posted to thousands of subscribers around the world.

Each edition looked in detail at a specific topic related to MS, including symptoms, research and day-to-day living with MS.

Later in 2015, MS in focus will reappear in a new online format. It will be published four times a year, rather than twice. Available in Arabic, English and Spanish, it will remain free to users.

MS in focus is overseen by an international, cross-cultural editorial board.

You can download previous issues of MS in focus using the links below. In order to open these, you will require Acrobat Reader.

        # 25 Ageing with MS, 2015

        #24 Bladder and bowel, 2014

#14. Disease courses, 2009

#13. Tremor and ataxia, 2009